Help! Helmet padding and interior questions.

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Hey 405th!
So, I've been looking into crafting my helmet and found alot of really good resources for making the outside and visor details. However, there seems to be a lack of detailed information on what to do with the interior as each person has their own facial structure, head size, etc. I am looking to find any good resource for how to add padding to the helmet and what are some basic info on which padding to buy, some people seem to use motorcycle padding, I've seen other with military surplus helmet padding etc.

If anyone can point me in the right direction please help!
Also, links to any videos and tutorial/ buying options greatly appreciated!
Well I think you have kind of answered your question right there with simply buying actual helmet pads if your priorities are comfort and adjustment. The only reasons I can think of to go another route are if you are on a budget (in which case i have even used common dish sponges, haha) or if custom padding is required to accommodate special needs like electronics.

Maybe I have completely missed your meaning here, haha, but I think as long as it breathes well and it's squishy, you're good. (I think that first reason is why many consider the motorcycle helmet pads a good option for prolonged use.)
Yeah actually purchasing the helmet pads is what many do. You could always buy a cheap baseball helmet and take the interior pads out but they are mostly foam that you could make yourself with workout pads. If you wanted to get really fancy me and my fiancé actually plan on making our own padding. She is very familiar with sewing and I found sturdy cushion foam pieces we could try. Its a pain in the bud but I feel it would be more comfortable and possible look more professional and all a more snug fit . But currently we are just finishing up the resin process.

Iv test fitted my taekwondo head guard into my scout helmet and it fits really well... I'm sure hot glue or something like polyurethane glue would hold it firmly in place.

I'll try and get a pic tomorrow
For my helmets I went to a secondhandstore got the most clean looking helmet for 3 euro ripped out the inside put it in the washing machine and put that in. works awesome.
helmet padding is expensive this is super cheap and gives the same effect
Hey Guys,

This is my first post here and im new to the whole pepakura/halo costume process. Im amazed to see some of the halo projects that you guys have done here. Ive actually been working on a helmet for my son for about a month now and i feel like im doing ok but i know there's still a lot to learn.

I had a quick question for you guys. Ive added resin to the outside and fiberglass cloth to the inside of my helmet and i believe im ready to start the bondo process. Reading through this thread i noticed some of you guys added pads from old helmets and such to the inside of your helmets. How did you guys prep the inside of your helmet before adding the pads? Ive sanded down the fiberglass cloth to get rid of sharp edges but was curious if you guys did any other prep work before adding the pads. any info you guys can provide will be appreciated!

I saw on here where some are using expanding foam (polyurethane) on the inside. They put in a balloon with water filled in it and poured the foam around it. It looked like a ingenious way to do it. I just can not remember who to credit that too.
I remember reading in one of thorssoli's threads and he used that same method.
The easiest but costliest method would be to buy a motorcycle helmet liner WITH cheek pads. No work, but it may take a chunk (I'm a starving college student so $25 is a lot for me :p) out of your wallet. If you're looking to do something more on a budget, you can visit your local wal mart or any department store that sells cushion foam...looks like this You can then use that to pad around your head, doing the sides, front and back, and top of your head accordingly. If you can sew, you can make pouches for the cushions as they are a bit uncomfortable on bare skin. Hope this helps!
I'm really not one in a position to suggest ideas but, I was thinking of grabbing some sponge... To wad up my helmet (when I make it haha).
It would be breathable [I think] and wouldn't be hard to procure; any dollar store or pound store will have a sponge right? Dunno how it works in the U.S.
I've been using EVA foam on the inside for mine. True, it's not as comfortable as I would imagine a motorcycle helmet to be but I needed the space fore electronics and.... well headspace lol.
Cheap suggestions would be to go that way or maybe try upholstery foam. Better way would be to use the motorcycle padding for sure.
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