Here is how to scale ur armor..


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FrizzleFry :Here we go peeps.

This should work for the most part, if you have a normal sized body like Chief it should work for sure. But if you are a bit chunky so to speak, or the oposite which would be a bit of a rail (aka, that sexy girl Sean Bradley ;-) ), you will probably want to change the sizing a bit more or less to make sure your limbs and chest fit.

I'm not getting behind the formula because it's a waste of time. It seems no one cares how the math works just as long as it works. So here's what you do.

Add up your height in inches. There is 12" to a foot. We'll use my hieght for the example. I am 5'11" which equals 71 inches.

Divide that by 86: 71/86 = .82558

Multiply that number times the scale it currently is, 30.342: 30.342*0.82558 = 25.04979

Now in Pepakura, go into 2dPatternWindow and select "Scale Up/Down by specifying value"

Under scale, put in the new scale (for this equazion its 25.04979). Do this for all of your pieces to be symmetrical.

One thing to keep in mind
The size of the scale that is in use before you edit it is from the base of the ground to the top outside of MC's helmet. You don't really want the top of your head to be touching the top of the inside of the helmet if you expect it to fit right. So you may want to add two or three inches to your actual hieght before doing the math. This may help other areas as well, where it could come through a bit tight.

Feel free to ask any questions about how it's done here. But I would appreciate it if the PM's for me to scale their armor for them would stop. If you can't do this math (we're not in school, you can use a calculator), I can't help you.

dont thank me thank them this is just for people that dont read the stickies like i waz 5 minutes ago.. :)


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Wow, this was a total copy of the STICKIED thread without permission.

What makes you think people will look at this besides us? If people want to learn to scale, they need to read the official scaling thread. And if they dont read that, why should they read yours? When you just copied from the official thread.
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I got a quick question, I got the PDO downloads from the how to tutorial for the papakure (sorry if spelled wrong). I have had a great success in down sizing the arms and hand down buy 30% so would it be safe to say that i could get away with doing this same size for all pieces and not have it look goofy.

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Since people won't let this die in peace.

Please don't copy the stickies. That's what the Wiki is for. ;)