Here we go, Spec Ops Pepakura Spartan

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Well, I think Ill start my armor next week, but before I can do this, I need to ask a few questions.

1) If I am 5'8", with a light (skinny) build, what skale do you think my armor should be?

2) What are some re-inforcement options I have. I was looking into Paper Machet on the inside to re-inforce, but then I saw the expanding foam as well.

3) For paint, what should I use or is recommended?
SCALE- couple of options, could measure what you want the assembled part size (height) to be based on you're own size dimensions (most accurate)

or base it on sizes of standard armors that generally fit people around 6 ft tall

or calculate the fraction of height you are compared to spartan and multiply the fraction by the default scale (John is app. 7ft 2in) you are 5ft 8in. So 78=86x x=.907 times the default scale

Reinforcement- I'm a fan of bondo and fiberglass but there are other options. Definitely better than gypsum based stuff in my opinion.

Paint- Krylon Fusion spray paint or Dupont (sp.?) Auto spray paint.
Sigma-LS said:
or calculate the fraction of height you are compared to spartan and multiply the fraction by the default scale (John is app. 7ft 2in) you are 5ft 8in. So 78=86x x=.907 times the default scale

5'8" is 68 inches total, so that equasion should be 68=86*x with x equalling 0.7906
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Hehe, yep, I hit the seven and not the six on the keyboard when I punched it in. Glad somebody caught it. :mrgreen:
Well, here are my first pics. This isn't the actual project. It was just a test run to see if the helmet would be generally the right size based off the chin plating. It was also a test to see how you fold it together, although choosing photo paper was a bad idea. Every time I touched the ink it smudged everywhere.

Yeah, im getting the card today. I just hope I get my laptop before my mom buys the paper, cause right now I dont know how many pages I need. I will begin some actual construction tonight if I can. Tomorrow I have a full day to work on it as well. Ill post more images then.
Working from memory...

Helmet 21 and chest 32. Groin 12 bicpeps 24, forearms 24. Thighs 24 and feet 24.

So about 161 sheets of card. And lots of time. Enjoy..:)
Well, my helmet is practically done being constructed. Hopefully I can get this thing at least re-inforced and painted a flat/matte black by Anime Expo. Then I can go as MC :D

Anyone ever try re-inforcement with several layers of rubber cement? I was thinking of possibly doing this and then putting foam padding inside to make it fit right.



You could try a shredded paper and PVA glue laminate. Or if you have lots and lots of ventilation try superglue (CA) laminated with thin gauge plasticard.
Has anyone tried folding plasitcard as the main model? Thin plastic with deep deep scoring? I also want something that is simple and can easily applied to the inside of this.
I thought about it but plasticard doesn't bend when you score it. It just snaps. So you'd have to assemble it section by section.
I don't have a boba helmet.. Well actually I do but it's a Don Post one..:D
I think your confusing me with someone else..:)
So, did you join the numbers 1 - 2 - 3 or did you just connect any peice you saw and, what did you use to combine the peices?

Its looking good so far.

actually its a jango, but who cares right. A fett is a Fett! LOL

I used the paper templates found on the TDH forums, elmer glued it together, and then started painting it with straight resin.
Layers of fiberglass will get added later, I havent touched it in months.

One technique used from others is using spray car undercoating, then spraying spray foam to the interior, dremel out the interior you want, which will later be glassed and body filler used for smoothing out the detail work.

Pretty simple, just more time than anything!

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