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Welcome to the 405th lickthesaltlamp, and yes we are a bunch of idiots helpful people ready to........ help. Have you chosen which variation of MCs armor you want? I will tell you that this is a labor of love. Not something that can be done overnight. Consider it like a marathon rather than a sprint race. If you rush your build, it will show.

The best thing to do is to first determine which suit you are going to build. Then what type of material you are going to use, either 3D print, foam or pepakura/fiberglass. Is this you first time building something like a HALO suit?


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as dirtdives said welcome to the 405th lickthesaltlamp. and yes it is not something you will throw together in a week or two. but i will be here to help you when ever you need it and along with my other brothers and sisters here in the 405th. just reach out we will help how ever we can.

again welcome to the 405th