High-Detail Halo 5 Achilles Build (Foam)

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    Halo 5 has brought with it many interesting suits of armor from far and near, but, to me, the Achilles is the most eye-catching of them all. Thus, I have decided to embark on this journey of constructing it.
    There are no current unfolded PDOs of the Achilles in the archive, so this thread will cover my progress from raw OBJ to completed suit. (I want to give a huge shout-out to Chernobyl and the Archive Team. Without them, this would not be possible.) On some of the files I will have already started marking the edges, but I will not continue on them further without posting picture updates.
    This suit will be constructed out of EVA and craft foam, with a high attention to detail.

    Armor Completion:

    Knees: Edges marked, ready for unfolding.
    Handplates: No progress.
    Biceps/Shoulders: No progress.
    Forearms: No progress.
    Thighs: No progress.
    Shins: Edges marked, ready for unfolding.
    Boots: Some edges marked, not ready for unfolding.
    Chest: No progress.
    Helmet: Edges marked, ready for unfolding.
    Undersuit: No progress.

    That is all, Spartans. I greatly look forward to your feedback and suggestions.
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    You're absolutely welcome! The main reason I work so hard for the Archive is to see the amazing work that comes from the content I upload - I really hope that you're able to produce something amazing from the files I put up, and that you'll consider making the file edits available for other members to also enjoy.

    Good luck with your build!
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    Thank you, Chernobyl. I hope to make the unfolds available (provided they are good enough, of course).

    Status Update #1:

    I adjusted the angle of the Knees/Shin OBJ, since I was worried that the slight angle would cause improper scaling. Doing so required that I re-mark all the open edges of the Knees/Shins file, which I did. The file is almost ready for scaling, unfolding, and sorting. After that, construction will begin on the knee plates.

    Achilles Shin PDO.PNG

    Achilles Shin PDO 2.PNG

    Shin PDO 3.PNG
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    u got the files done ?
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    Nice! Really looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

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