hints on fiberglassing

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2. dont use foam cups or wax cups
3. dont fiberglass when it is really hot out
4. for some reason the disposeable paintbrushes(at least mine) get really hot and they sizzle(but mine is only a certain size that sizzsles)
5. add hints below
These are good tips but would have been better suited to be posted in a existing thread rather than its own.
i think he wants this to be a thread for everyone to just post up there tips for fiberglassing
6. Use small 2-3" X 3-6" strips of the matte or cloth, it makes it alot easier.
7. Make sure that your model is supported in the shape you want it.
8. Be careful with your gloves. Disposable latex gloves tear easily.
9. Keep a spray bottle of formula 409 or the equivelant nearby for when you get fiberglass resin on something you don't want it on.
10. Use the proper procedure for taking gloves off so as not to get any resin on you.
11. Make sure that your work space is clean and you have something disposable underneath to catch drips.
12. Wear clothes that you don't care about.
13. Do not scratch your head while laying resin...
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13. Do not scratch your head while laying resin...

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14. You can use dust, talcum powder, or a similar material to speed up drying patches that have been sticky far longer than they should.

15. Dont use most plastic cups, it'll eat through them too
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Talcum powder/ baby powder you can mix it into the resin to make it thicker and you can mix filler and resin to get mud and paint it on
Use only natural hair 'chip brushes' with resin.... you can get them for about $10 a case at Harbor Freight.

Do not throw chunks of curing resin into a trashcan with other refuse... they get VERY hot when they react, you could start a fire.

If you use the white plastic top that came on the resin tub to mix in, the resin does not bond to it.... when you want to mix up your next batch, flex the container and break out the cured resin, and use it to mix again... over and over.

When one batch 'kicks'... or cures and becomes hot, it will speed up the curing time on sucessive coats..... use this to your advantage to build up thicker areas when desired.

Resin shrinks a bit on curing. The hotter the cure ( the more hardener you add) the more it will shrink. Stay as close to the suggested ratio to minimize shrinkage.

Buy extra tubes of hardener when you purchase your resin, it's always good to have on hand if you run out during your project.
also not mention resin smells alot wear a respirator (duh) and it will probably smell during or after it crures
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