How hard is the monitor?

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How hard is the Pepakura Monitor compared to the Mjolnir Helmet?

Also, what are the sizes of the large and small ones?

Thanks to anyone who can help.
As reference to the time it takes to make the monitor I made my helmet in about 3 hours. The monitor took me 15 DAYS.
I did the full size one though. If you want to make this I recommend that you use a very strong paper and that you build the smaller one first to get a feel for this one. The full size one is for fanatics… yes I know that’s the one I did…
I you want to see some pics of it under construction look in the Props and Weapons section.

EDIT: Oh the large one is about 60cm in all directions
Thanks. I might try it after my armor is complete. I made a helmet, but it's not great, and it's on regular paper. Now I'm working on the chest and back, on cardstock.
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