How long does it take to make?

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Generally how lo0ng would you say it takes to make a full suit start to finish if you can work say 4 hours on week days and about 10 on weekends. Just personally based on the time it took you to make it with your time contraints give me a round about time. I am hopping I can do it before haloween comes because

A: I can tell an early winter is comming, i've known since about August that snow will be in November here and frost in October, maybe a bit of snow in October. I can't work during winter because i'm almost positive i'll need to use my yard as a work area.

B:My nephew is still young enough to go trick or treating and I would like to go with him as a fun thing to do with him. He is a nice person and I am trying to be a good bud. He is a Halo fanatic too, killed me 83 times in less than an hour.
if you actually spend all of the 4hrs a weekday and 10 hours a weekend then it'll actually get done pretty quick(i spent about the same amount of time working on mine). i didn't bondo and sand my suit (i liked the polygon-ness of it) and it took me a week and a half from first pepakura sheet printed to a fully painted suit with working led's. that included all the mis-prints, incorrectly assembled pieces, badly scaled pieces, etc...... so if you are really determined i'd say WITH bondo and sanding you could do it in 3 weeks to a month.

good luck, AND GET STARTED!!!!!!!!! halloween (halo-ween for me) is just 4 weeks away
Sweet. I need to wait for this weekend because my oldest brother has an industrial sized printer (why I don't know I'm just glad) my printer can't even print on construction paper. It has to be the exact thickness of normal paper. So unfortunately I do not have a heads start before the month of October roles in. Hopefully I can get the rest of what I need (basically everything besides glue and cardstock falls under what I need) this weekend or next. One good thing though, I am collecting newspapers so chances are good my dad will be perfectly fine with me doing this indoors (the basement has many windows so ventillation wont be a problem), so frost won't be a problem later in October. My brother is pretty interested in the whole idea and after showing Seans energy sword pictures to him he was amazed. So chances are he will help me every once in a while, he isn't a good artist but he paints the house with us every 4 years or so and he is good at that, so I doubt a spray can of primer will elude him :). I can't show you any progress pictures though, we do not have a digital camera and it will literally be years before we develoup a 10 buck kodak (we have pictures of a boston trip my bro took in 5th grade, he is a junior in college now)

Long winded arent I? Anywho someday I will so you this armour, I'm not done after haloween if I finish before then, I have no cheap hobbies besides sprite comics and drawing, they tend to get dull quickly. So I will make a masterful suit after haloween and a good one before.

I am also making a display case for it, It will be a chriogenic case like in the beginning of Halo 1, I'm sure the tech teacher will let me zip a few pieces of thin wood through his never ending supply of saws, he has like 8 band saws between him and the other tech teacher.

Tell me what you guys think about the display case idea as well as anymore time figures.
Oh snap that is an awesome idea man! I'm going to make sure a bed will fit in it (a double probably) But for now it will be my case, after I make it the bed should just plop right in. sick nasty idea Dark.
how long do you think it would take to finish just the helmet, i'm looking at investing the next week to it, two to three hours a day.
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