Hqlo Infinite Masterchief 3d helmet file breakdown

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Does anyone know where I could find some files of masterchief's halo infinite helmet that would print on an ender 3 v2? First (and do far only) helmet I did was a 5 piece odst helmet and that fit pretty well. So far though I can only find models that are either whole pieces or not broken into small enough pieces.

Or alternatively if someone knows how to split up models and could give some advice on how to do it would be awesome thanks.
After hearing a lot of people mention Meshmixer, I tried it out at work to split a model to carve on a CnC. It's a bit iffy in terms of user experience, but it's surprisingly powerful to be able to split up objects, patch them if needed, and rotate them so a flat surface is on the build plate.
Even windows 3D builder can cut your files into ender-sized pieces, I don't use meshmixer anymore. You can take a large file and cut it into whatever number of pieces you need
Thanks for the advice guys. I did what u said and just tried a simple modelling program. I was able to get a file already mostly broken up and tinker on it for a bit and I think I've got it where I'm happy with it now. Thanks again for your help guys.
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