I am considering

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Jace Evans

I am considering making either UNSC Marine armor (Halo 1 version) Or ODST armor (Halo 2 version) I am considering this because I cannot find anyone who has done this on the internet, so I think it would be cool to be orginal, also this would probably be a lot cheaper than Mjolnir armor Mark IV.
Yeah I will, I do not know which one, or I will just make Halo 2 Marines, but that would be to easy, besides can't find a stupid picture of them on google....

I am not sure of the ODST though, though it would get me a lot of attentions at conventions like Dragoncon, but the Halo 1 Marine isn't to hard or to easy looking, so I will probably do that.

Anyone know of a way to make or buy MA5B assault rifle props?
well it's actually the H3 version but yes. the very best AR replca i have ever ever seen belongs to this site's very own "LINK4044" just PM him (personal message) and..ya
Sweet. Wouldn't matter anyway they look like the exact same gun except one is more accurate just holds less.
How would you guys recommend I make the armor?

I am refering mostly to the boots, and chest armor. I pretty much figured out how I would do the gauntlets, and other stuff.
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