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Overall, how many hours did you put into your suits, and what was the ending cost of supplies? I would like to know if I am to later attempt this.
Wow, so materials really only cost a few bucks because they are raw don't they. I thought it would be a bit more than that. At least in the $100 range.
my armor wouldnt have took so much but i went through many past pieces of armor which for you if make blu-prints ant plan it out not even that much money
it takes while (to say the least) and depending on what you use to make it depends on the $$$. read some of the forums, they have answers
8 months so far (not done) and over $2000. At least I'm recouping some costs with the spare parts I had to make.
Ok, so it really depends on what you use. Im not too sure if I would do a simple cardboard type suit, and $2000 over two years doesn't seem too bad IMO. Thanks for your replies!
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