I know who is playing......

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When I was at a small convention in Dallas last year I was wearing my suit and an actor who has been in Star Wars and several other movies, mainly in New Zealand, where he was born hint hint......anyway I talked to him for a long time and he talked about a lot of things that are going to happen in the movie and alot about how the armor will work and his custom fitting sessions in New Zealand.....I dont want to say exactly who he is right now......just bragging rights I guess....his initials are JL.
i'm not smart enough to figure out who that is... but... AWESOME.
Oh thats cool. So he it going to be the man in the suit. Guess that means MC won't be removing his helmet. Or if he does they will replace him for that scene because I'm sure they wouldn't have him as the face of MC. Thanks for the info briar.
Interesting...thanks for the insider info Briar!

Of course when this gets out, there is going to be quite a stir.

It isn't going to take long for people to figure this out.

Yeah, I wouldn't assume that this info changes anything about the movie. Briar probably talked to this guy before the movie deal fell apart..

*keep your fingers crossed*

Wonder why they picked this person specifically? He doesn't seem to really represent the stature or build of a Spartan. Out of everyone you could cast, I wouldn't have guessed in a million years...

I had thought they might try to get Ron Perlman. :unsure:
I'm really not sure anyone should say; I'm with Briar...play it safe. Besides he's already dropped enough clues who it is. You can figure it out from there.

You never know who's watching this discussion, it could be really bad if somebody revealed it here.
i suspect I've figured out who it is.... if so, he's rather short... who knows, movie magic.
Redsleighdown said:
He's the same height as briar with his suit on.

here's a hint: :eyepatch:
He's got one eye? he's a pirate? he's a badass?
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oh, saw him standing next to a darth... looked short. I want him to be freaking 7 feet tall I guess.
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