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Did you guys like the Doom movie? Talk about it, what was cool about it, what sucked about it? What would have made it better?

I didn't like how they changed the "science" to include people changing into the doom monsters, instead of being factory-built from corpses as established in the game. I thought they really kinda' missed the boat, and it was no longer really Doom.

Plus where's my Cyberdemon? I wanted to have the characters listening to the cyberdeamon stomping around the next passageway, looking at each other, wondering what the hell the massive noise was coming from.
I wanted a slow reveal of seeing it's feet first, and then travelling up it's body to it's horned head.

I wanted to hear roars when the characters were spotted, and see stuff just running at the characters roaring, etc.

I wanted them to use the old backstory where an alien race had been to earth and mapped out the things that scared humans, and then returned, using fearful imagery pulled from them, including the demons, zombies, etc. I wanted the hallways which looked fine until you got into an area where the demons had redecorated the place in blood, etc.

It had such huge potential and then fizzled out as far as I'm concerned.

I'm glad the BFG was there though.. I was pretty pleased with that.
I like to look at movies, based on games/books/tvshows as movies, by themselves for no other reason than to not have a preconcieved idea that can set me up for a let-down.

so putting innacuracies and things they left out, i liked doom. I can't remember it too vividly so it sure missed my all time high list, but it was enjoyable. I liked the first person view idea but i'm glad the whole movie wasn't like that of course. Soundtrack was above par (own it). Again, i went in to this movie expecting nothing.

I really liked the movie, but I have to admit to not really knowing too much about the games before I watched it.

I thought that first person sequence was stellar, really groundbreaking stuff as far as action movies go.

I wasn't so keen on the Rock...have to say thats what kept me from seeing the movie until it came out on DVD. But really I thought he did a far job...that is to say I ended up not minding his acting too much in the film.
All in all I really liked Doom for what it was - just run and gun and shoot things. Everything flowed nicely and smoothly.

The fight scene between Reaper and Sarge at the end is near the top of my list for "Favorite Fight Sequence on Wires"

I didn't like the fact that it was based off Doom 3 and not Doom/Doom2. It's just not the same without seeing the Pink Demon butt run away from you.

For wanting it to be what I wanted it to be, I give it a D.
For being what it is, I give it a B+.
I think that the doom movie was pure air filled nonsense. They altered almost evrything about the plot, and removed any element of fear.
You got to the end and thought "Was that it?!?"

Hope the don't butcher halo in the movie form

If only they had paid as much attention to the PC game as they had the movie it might have been decent. LOL

The movie was ok, I like the 2 eyes, then 8 scene, that was cool. But it wasnt all it should have been. I remember playing the original DOOM and DOOM 2. Where were the barons of hell, and the overall feeling that you are in fact in hell while playing the game. It wasnt even startling in any way.

Now when I played Quake 4 My first thought was this is more like doom than doom 3 was. :hyper:
The doom movie was great if you look at it separate from the game. Halo wont be like that it will be ripped from the game. You can count on that.
OMG DOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!! HECK YES doom is so awesome, well thew game been playing them since i was like 5 ( Mancubus) and saw the movie and everything, but i always wondered WHY IS THE BFG BLUE ?!?!?! is green in every other game what morons. :( well doom = no sotry line, killing so its awesome lol.
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