If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Embracing the meme.


Montique is BACK and ready to explain my latest disappearance. Between school, work, the new girlfriend, and fighting mutinies in my local cosplay club I've been pretty busy, but not busy enough that I wasn't able to crank out a new suit. This time, I decided to embrace a meme of sorts.
Meme 1.JPG

Since I didn't want to put too much effort into a meme outfit, I decided to keep the design simple and go with the classic design, the original.
Meme 2.PNG

I started my usual way with a pepakura template, but this time I had the help of Armorsmith for a guaranteed fit


From there it was simple foam work


Something hard than you'd think? Finding a chef hat that fits a helmet

Plus the indecisiveness of picking an apron.


Overall, in terms of complexity this is far from my hardest cosplay, but I still gave it my my all and it's clean AF. Plus, now whenever people call me Master Chief they'll actually be right. I also made it a point to make the chef stuff removable so I have a plain spartan when I need it.

Final 3.JPG

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