i'mgoing to start building my...

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Alright i'm going to start my build on my vary 1st armor set tomarrow i need to get every thing printed out and cut out so i will update later
alright i printed out the stuff for the helmet but i forgot to print it with the numbers can some one help me by posting what go were
Oh, thats a hard situation to get out of. I dont think many people can putit together without the numbers(unless they have done so many that they memerize them).
Ok i'm on the last page to cut out so get redy to see some pics


I'm only building the helmet the rest of the armor will come later
mario... are you aware that you can still fix that triple post? copy the contents of the last two posts, click the edit button of the first post, and paste it into that message.

After doing that delete the last two posts.

Please do this... :please: I don't want to have to fix something that you can do yourself.
here is what i got so far

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