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does anyone have the color code for the master chief's armor from the game have tryed a few diffent colors but they just dont look right to the in game model. i have all kinds of action figures are any of them the right color if so can some one let me know my green with weathering is still to light....
Rust-Oleum Stain Eden is popular for Infinite Chief, Montana Black Lost Island is also close as is Montana Gold Acrylic Olive Green.
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I'm hoping to be able to do a repaint of the Jazzwares Infinite Chief helmet this weekend with some Satin Eden, to get some first hand experience with the color.
Ok here is a chest part that went wrong so I use it to test colors. I found a green but wanted some feed back please. The paint I'm trying is called English ivy green I put a picture of it on here.


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We used Eden by rust-oleum and a custom mixed plaid color for EVA parts.
I used it for the abs and boots, mostly for filler. If you check out my build you can see all the places I use it. It was complex but I felt like a good mix of media for the project
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