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Yo. I'm Wylie, but you can call me Coyote or just Yote if you want. I'm an 18 year old rookie cosplayer who just finished his first Halo cosplay, that I wore during KC planet comicon 24, where I was recruited by the Midwest division of the 405th, so here I am! I've always struggled to find my people in life, but I think this might just be my calling

Some notes about me:
- I have 2 cats. Twin Tabby brothers who are my driving force to soldier on
- My first Halo experience was playing Reach with my brother when I was about 5 or 6
- Reach is still my favorite Halo game to this day, despite its flaws
- EOD is my all time favorite helmet. I like the 3, Reach and 4 versions almost equally but the order listed is also my ranking
- My favorite Halo weapons are the Commando, Hydra and SOCOM magnum
- I like a bunch of different bands, but my top 3 atm are probably Megadeth, Breaking Benjamin and Nine Inch Nails
- My favorite cartoons are Batman Beyond, Beast wars and Star Wars TCW
- A few of my favorite franchises (other than Halo) are Godzilla, Transformers and (Pre sequel trilogy) Star Wars
- My favorite colors are black, orange, khaki and OD green
- My favorite animals are coyotes, raccoons
- 074 comes from the AK-74m assault rifle and the coyote comes from Wile E. Coyote :3

I could definitely say more, but this would end up being 12 pages long lol. That said, I'll try to be as active as possible here and I look forward to seeing y'all on the battlefield!

(P.S. I've never used a forum before so please bear with me)


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Well Welcome first off, You will find friendly people who are always willing to help you if we know how to fix the problem you might be having. as most will tell you we all are learning as we go someone will invent a new step that helps us all. So Welcome to the family
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