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Darth Favre

I don't mean to be a party pooper here, but all this talk of dog tags, t-shirts and such I think is WAYYYY premature. We need to first get the club up and running. We need to have a small group get together and determine the clubs relationship with Bungie, what determines membership, membership identification (501st = TKID #), club officer positions if wanted, and then lay down some ground rules. After that, we have an "official" club, and I think having a officer position similar to the 501st's merchandising officer would be a great idea to ensure we don't piss off Bungie, and the items conform to preset guidelines. THEN we can think about all the cool swag that would be possible. Patches, shirts, dogtags etc. Just my ideas of how I think it needs to happen.
link4044 said:
we have talked about this but we have to get the word from bungie that is ok for us to use it, so why are we starting a thread like this again
dont jump ahead so fast, we have to get the rules set before we do the memeberships
Ya guys, we dont even have the ok from the leaders of this forum, Adam, Sean, people like that who will have to pay for all of this... dont jump to conclusions unless your gonna pay for it.
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I think it would be cool if we just got a neckseal/hood thing that said 405th on it. Also I like the idea of our screen names and member nums on them.


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While premature, the topic is useful.

My own opinion is that the numbering system must be more than 3 digits long, or it's going to fail when our member count get's to 1000. Perhaps that seems presumptuous, but it also ensures that we don't use numbers that are already assigned to spartans in the novels, games, and books, while still leaving the floor open for Bungie (or other licensed group) to use new numbers.

I LOVE the dogtag idea, and think we should finalize content on it as soon as we can. Personally, I think we should omit our gamertag and forum names. We should use our own first names, followed by our number. It's supposed to be the military, not a place for "redsleighdowns" and "deadguys" :confused:

We shouldn't use rank on it, unless everyone's cool with buying their own follow-up tags each time they get a promotion. We SHOULD name the garrison though.

I read rumors (on this thread) that Link has the dogtag manufacturing worked out, which is cool, but I wonder if this dogtag place would be a nice way to get costs down (by opting for plan "c", where only two lines are different for anyone). The tags could be bought in bulk that way... it might be an option for him (or whomever is placed in the position that covers that kind of procurement).

As for shirts, we might not actually be members on the UNSC in our final club positioning. I say that because it might be better to suggest we've come through time, and the UNSC doesn't exist on Earth at this time, nor do we have any mean of getting back to our time, so we're now THIS, instead.. it answers a lot of questions, and stops yet ANOTHER copyright infringement, while permitting us to mass produce stuff like ilitary drab shirts with an official logo on it for club members, or for giveways, etc. It may be a condition that Bungie/M$ requires, or one that we add to "sweeten the pot", to allow them to make us official. If we can limit the infringements to our costumes/props only, it will free us up in many ways while still giving us a way to "represent". M$ and Bungie will certainly look favorably towards that.

While I'm on that topic, I should note that NO communication with Bungie Or M$ is going to succeed without a charter in-place for them to look at. You can't just go into it and say "Hey, we mean well, and wont screw it up, promise! Can we be official, like the seventh Column, but as a costume group? I can has recon now?" You kinda' have to say "Here we are, this is what we do, this is why we're here, and this is what are plans are for our club, and the standards we mean to uphold. Will you allow us to operate this way, and can you point out any further applicable limitations with usage of your copyrighted material? We will certainly recast this into something that's good for all of us, and want to operate without stepping on toes." Your charter shows stuff like you don't have Halo/masterchief banners, you'll merely use likenesses that don't represent specific characters, organizations, etc, and that you're not out for profit in any way, and keep promotional sales within the group itself (ie- you dont sell shirts with your logo either).

This way, the questions are locked down, the decisions have been made for the most part, and they can SEE which ways we plan to go, and how we operate. It becomes our pledge not to screw up their universe while allowing us to become a part of it in our own way. Without it.. Bungie/M$ might say.. "No, you know what? we've already licensed the Spartan / UNSC costumes to WETA, so if there's going to be a club, it'll be theirs, to ensure that it doesn't conflict with our company interests, of course, membership requires a $3000 armor purchase from WETA, but you'll LOVE it, right? That assumes they WANT a club like that, plus the legal implications if they lose control of it, or don't have enough participants in each area, etc. You can still wear fan built armor as an individual, but we cannot endorse a group to do any function without having control over that group ourselves."

You also can't legally represent a "club" without it being formally chartered anyways, because then it's just a loose association of people with their own opinions, views, etc.
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