is it the same??


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okay, i'M making robogenesis's beta models, but I'm wondering will I have to fool around with the size of the forearms and bicept??? just so I won't have to waste a bunch of paper, about where does the bicept pad rest on the arm?? the shoulder?? where should the forearm pad start (around the wrist??) and end?? (does the part that sticks up end around the elbow??) sorry If I worded it wrong, Its the only way I could put my question. thanks.( can you guys hurry with the questions?? not to sound rude or anything but I'm leaving for a long car trick to my grandmas in about an hour, so I have a couple of hours in the car. I'm going to cut and fold ever part of the armor in the car) Thanks again

EDIT: what about the thighs?? will they be scaled a little differently?? scaled down? b how many sizes do you think?


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All the beta peices were scaled the same way. They should be scaled to your hieght, but for some reason, it seems a little big. I should have a scale of 72 (6'), but so far it's been about 66 (5' 6"). I don't know why, but it's what I've noticed on the boot and hand plate so far.