Is this Pepakura file okay?

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Hi all, I'm very new to cosplaying as a whole. I've spent countless hours looking at as many tutorials as I can, but I still wanna ask does this Pepakura file look okay? got the file from Papercraft plaza about a week ago and I'm slowly getting ready to make a start soon so I just wanna check that this look good. I'm just a little anxious about wasting a lot of time and materials when there's an easier way I don't know about. Cheers! (Also yeah I plan on doing it with EVA foam)
Armorsmith is a great tool for sizing multiple pieces together like a helmet to a chest.

If you are just sizing one piece then Pepakura is all you need. Just use the "measure distance tool" and some common sense double checking different parts of the helmet and you'll be good. You'd still have to do that in Armorsmith as well. The Avatar is a generically shaped person and is a great tool to get you close, but for the best fit/look it is best to just check different measurements on the pep model.
The file looks fine. It has a lot of pieces, which as a beginner is not necessarily a bad thing. As you progress with your skills in foam craft, you will be able to look at files and determine which pieces can be simplified, or joined to others to make it easier and less seamed. Converting directly from a paper model to foam does not account for the malleability of foam, nor it's thickness. If this file was not converted specifically for foam, there may be pieces in this puzzle that are a bit redundant. Once again, that is something that can be realized after you get a bit of experience under your belt. Hint: when transferring the patterns to foam, leave a bit of gap between all the pieces. There will be times when you will be required to make outward bevel cuts, and if you put them too close to each other, you will end up cutting into the adjacent piece. Good luck!
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