It has begun


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So I started my first build... I got my pep all printed out and I got two pages of them cut out so far.

I am starting with a Master chief from Halo 5. I plain on painting the colors different but I like the armor. I am starting with a forearm and see how it goes from there.

Wish me luck! I am going to need it!


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OmegaL,good luck on your build. Helpful hints: Score the fold lines before you cut them off the page, it make it easier to handle when trying to score those little pieces. Another tip is a matter of preference. You could cut out all the pieces and sift through the whole pile looking for the next piece you need or.........cut and attach as you go. I found it much easier to build when I didn't have to go through each piece every single time. I kept everything still on the full sheet and once I found the next piece I needed, I then cut it off the sheet. It also protects the pieces from getting folded in the wrong spot and /or lost when you pack it away when not working on it. Now if you have a dedicated table you wouldn't have to worry about having to put it away........Good luck and good building. Looking forward to seeing some pics of your progress.