Jobe's mkV build. Perth Supanova in a few days <more detailing, new thighs>

Jobe Devian

Member DIN
spoiled with daily updates! small as they are. I have the black sections done now on the forearms (strangely I didn't photograph this yet) and the new thighs


I have also done the panel lining/shading on the whole suit except for the helmet. I deliberately went extreme with is with the plan that if it turns out to be too much I will overcoat with the green and tone the dark sections back to where I want them. I'm still planning on doing some other coloured weathering (browns/yellows etc) later to give a more natural look than just black 'dirt' but 'Nova is this weekend so this will do for now. Eventually the chest battle damage will be reflected across at least one of the arms to match the hunter 'incident'


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