Karas: The prophecy

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(edit: Idk if this belongs in the Pepakura and Cardboard Armor forum.. so if it does , mods please move it.)

Hey guys, started on this yesterday.

Its another costume I'm doing for A-kon (anime convention)






My art teacher is letting me work on it in class as a project . (sweet!!)

Right now I'm just building up the base.. but soon will come detailing.. -.-

It needs tweeking.. the head is too high.. but it will be fixed ^-^

The suit WILL be fiberglassed.

Look up Karas: The Prophecy, its a great anime.
wow that looks cool ....... and i really dont know what this really is but yeah its cool
Awesome, I loved that movie... :)

Are you doing that from scratch, or do you have a 3D model you're pep'ing?

Thanks Herogear (or is it wolf?)

This is all from scratch.

I watched a few scenes from the movie and realized that the "nose" and crest were wrong, so these are being re-done.



I know my glue work looks sloppy.. but I will clean it up.
You always make me feel small and insignificant, but you also always make me glad that I saw your MC armor on YouTube oh so long ago so I could feel so small and insignificant.
that show looks freakin awesome, as well as your armor, keep it up man, and does anyone know it that will eventually be on cartoon network? i'm sorry to say i don't know japanese.
wow man, that is pretty intricate you just gotta figure out how to make it all shiny, fiber glassing it might be cool.

good job monster maker
Beautiful. Interesting to see you use cardboard as the source, for such an intricate costume design, but all the more exciting. Low budget quality!
I enjoy working with cardboard myself..
My spartan armor started out as a mat board model, and I also built a full scale proton pack out of the same mat board.

You might want to try mat board instead of corrugated. Much easier to get curves made without creases.
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