Kotaku H3 Beta cosplay contest.

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Sean Bradley

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I was at first very hesitant to pass this along.... because I want them for myself :mrgreen: , but Kotaku has a 'dress up as Master Chief' contest running for the chance to win 2 official 'Halo 3 Beta' T-shirts.

Heres the stipulations: Make a Master Chief costume, snap a picture and send it to kotakucontest@gmail.com by June 1st. Any material may be used — creativity encouraged! The catch is that the costume must be made by you, and you must be 18 years or older.

Let the armor battle begin! ;-)

*seriously though, I'm pretty sure that a few people from this site have got a good chance of winning. I'll be entering, and I encourage anyone else here that has made their own armor to do the same. These shirts were given away at the New York and LA H3 beta kickoff parties, and are slightly different than the ones being sold at bungie.net. (Green Chief elblem, on green shirt)

For anyone else who wants one of these shirts: http://www.bungiestore.com/productcart/pc/...p;idproduct=698


Link, you could post an image of the previous spartan suits you've made for others.... you made those!

Not many people can fit those criteria of making it themselves, and being over 18.. you should enter!
All that work for a t-shirt eh? Hmmm...... I don't think I'll even bother with that one.
I did enter this contest with one of the new photos I took last weekend with the finished energy sword. I'll post it up here after the winners are announced... which I'm nervously awaiting. :shock:

I thought I might post up some of the entrant pictures that Kotaku has been posting up this past week.





Vote over at Kotaku.com!

Hey all,

Just wanted to redirect some of you over to Kotaku.com to vote for the Master Chief Cosplay contest. They've picked the finalists and want their readers to vote for their 2 favorites to decide the winners. You have until midnight tonight 6/4/07 to vote.

I'm pretty sure that you have to sign in or register to vote in this contest, but who better to judge than the members of the best Halo Armor site on the internet; MjolnirArmor.Com! So make your vote count!

Go here to vote: http://kotaku.com/gaming/contest/pick-the-...ners-265510.php



It's funny if you read all of the comments, there are some interesting theories there, like the one that thinks I'm a girl, and the other one that thinks I photoshopped the game model.

I would like to respond to the questions about my costume, and direct the people here who want to see more shots of it to prove that it's real, but I think that might be interfering with the contest.

Also alot of the armor makers that we've been trying to get ahold of are reperesented in the entries and the guy who made the first paper set of armor is listed in the comments.
Some one should contact the last to guys and get them on this site

I like this cardboard suit, and great pose. :rock:
just contacted the paper suit guy (below). maybe he'll respond. I'll try to get the contact info for some other contestants.

http://kotaku.com/gaming/contest/pick-the-...10.php#c1593035 :rofl:

I think I solved the mystery of why #1 is so skinny. I think it might be a girl. Not saying that's a bad thing, I'm saying that's an awesome thing. Notice the enlarged chest-piece? At first I thought it looked dis-proportional, but they could have been modified to fit certain anatomy.

Sorry Sean, just had to point out that comment.
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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: ONLY GIRLS CAN BE SKINNY. :hyper:
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