Kotobukiya Artfx Body suit alternative?


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Hello guys! first of all, thank you for accepting me on the forums, i see forward to creating my own Mark V alpha armor someday!

and to start, lately i cant find any 3d model with joints for my MARK V armor that didnt came with the base body so i have the armor still on the box :( (i neither can buy the body suit alone, since i cant find a economic way to send it from japan or USA to my home, Im from argentina, tierra del fuego and the shipping inside the country is just HELLA EXPENSIVE!) So, i wonder if someone here on the forums knows about an alternative replacement with more joints that the standard techsuit (it only got 10 joints on the abs up the neck, legs are static), hope someone helps me there!

P.D: i left down there some references if nobody ever saw the figures!


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Sadly, i thought i would find something but it looks its hard AF to find a proper body suit :(
For the figure alone, yes... you may be able to get something good from the cheap mcfarlane action figures, but I dont know if it would be compatible, have the required amount of joints, or even be a good quality.