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Hi guys since i started off with my halo legendary sculpt (using legendary edition as a manique) i decided to share my results after 3 hours of hard labour

(note it looks alot better in real life. and i have to add a second layer of clay to make the surface smooth and since its water based clay i need the 2nd layer (i have allready added the 2nd layer to the top) so that the cracks dont appear as on the first layer. dont go commenting on my clay technique since it works really well and i know exactly what im doing.)

But otherwise all critisizm welcome on how to improve the look of the armor.



Again remeber it looks alot better when you have good lighting and a camera. (its night here V. Dark. and this was my laptops intergrated webcam)

Also im taking all suggestions on how to use this as a proper mold.

I also noted that the visor area is quite small... if anyone knows a way to "englarage" it i would mostly appriciate it
Thank you!
Spartan 061 said:
Need to be smoothed some, but looks alright.

Thanks for a reply i thought i was left all alone!

And as i sayd im still adding the 2nd layer of clay and then smoothing it...

Im going to sand the clay unless anyone has a better idea.
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