Lets make the Halo 3 comercial!

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This'll get those creative juices flowin'
So, what if you had the chance to make the Halo 3 comercial? Would you make it action packed or try not to give away what it is till the end...

Personally, i would have mine rather close to the original. However rather than a desert like scenario i would place it in a ruined city ( If there is a city stage, which i think there will be) Master Chief picks up his helmet and places it on his head and searches fro his gun but, rather than find it a hand appears infront of him and hands one too him. He slowly looks up to see another spartan. MC takes the gun and
#1 They give the 'happy/ smiling' signal. An explosion is heard around the corner. Both spartans down the street and around the corner. Spartan1 goes off into battle but, MC stops in place to see other Spartans fighting. MC runs off and helps.
#2 The enemies appear around from around the corner, and begin firing. The two spartans hold their ground when a Pelican lands behind them and out jump some UNSC soldiers and....Spartans!

...Your turn....Please?
start it out like it's not a halo commercial. sort of like how the new resident evil teaser starts. I'll think more later.
Wow, thats not too bad. But, the text did seem to go on for a bit. Like you said... "...dragged out, but interesting"
Starship troopers work really well.
The video with words on the screen were too spaced apart - I forgot what I read before.

Nonetheless - badass
LOL, Wierd coincidence...

The guy that made that video, NuclearPinguin has been sending me messages on YouTube for a couple days, trying to convince me to shoot some footage of my costume for his next project.

I told him I'll think about it.... frankly I have my own films I want to shoot with it but maybe I'll send him something so he can do something too.
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