Little Master Chief (pepakura)

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Hi fellow noobs! I don't know if this has ever been posted so forgive me if it has. Here's a way of creating armor in short amount of time and still get great results. LINKY
Did that link he posted work for anyone? I got an error message. Funny thing is I tracked this file or one just like it down last week. its a PDF file and I Believe the MC is a foot or maybe a bit taller. maybe someday when I am bored I will make him.
thats one hell of a papercraft to build ill tell you,, wow that ones insane. i have done lots of normal papercrafts, link, katamari, final fantasy, pokemon stuff, etc, and that master chief should have ben simplifyed, and curved pieces would be a must on smallness like this. look at almost any respectable papercraft releced to the public, and youll see the difference.


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Old, but still very cool, I really like it, but I dont want to waste all that color ink, so I'd rather make my own spartan thats 5 feet 8 inches.
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