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Hey guys, i'm doing some folding with my pep models here, and im using 110lb cardstock and what ive discovered is that it is considerably easier to make the folds if you use your finger nail and run over the creases. It makes it WAY easier to do, and its a faster alternative to the "how to make good folds for pepakura armor" however if you want to try that technique which definitely gives nicer results (just takes more time) it can be found here.

happy folding!

EDIT: Hehe, as sinjiki pointed out, rulers or other straight edges work just as well as fingernails :lol:
If you get an xacto knife and lightly go over the lines with it, you get ridiculously crisp edges.

If you want to be super anal about it, you can line up the cuts with a straight edge, but doing that on pieces like the helmet will double or triple construction time.
yes I ran a scalpal knife over the lines and it created a nice clean fold without the need of a ruler and was quick to do.
BattleLlama said:
I used the ruler and pen method, worked perfectly.

this works a heck of alot better than using an exacto knife. my uncle and i use 45 or 60lb cardstock.
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QUOTE(BattleLlama @ Oct 21 2007, 04:20 PM) *
I used the ruler and pen method, worked perfectly.

I also used this method and everything looks great in my armor
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I refer to this as scoring and I use my trusty yellow/black handled scratch awl from a old Popular Mechanics screwdriver set.

The important thing is that you are compressing the fibers of the cardstock along that line so that it wants to bend there. You can use an ink pen but the essential thing is that you are weaking the paper fibers at that spot.

Yeah, this comes in ESPECIALLY handy when you are doing the mountain folds, because as a general rule of thumb it ends up sucking (as a fold) due to its awkward nature. Not to mention if you are making LITTLE folds; then this becomes immensly helpful.
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