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Darth Malevelus

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pretty cool,

I remember doing this with gasoline as a kid, you mix styrofoam with gasoline and it becomes a very nasty gooey sticky blob, and when it dries, its hard as a rock.

Once its melted, and then hardenend its done, its a one time deal. At least when using gas. LOL

Its a great way to recycle, and I bet it would be an even more killer way to make molds of your armor bits, without harming the part itself.

You can get styrofoam peanuts from the post office for next to nothing.


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I watched the video of that and it's pretty gosh darn cool :) The acetone just gobbles up that foam hehe.


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I saw something like that once, except that it involved ABS plastic shavings and acetone. He used it to make a custom car stereo mount in the dash. He called it "ABS Glue".
Found it HERE (Second post down)
made napalm like that once. then i almost killed my brother. I never thought about letting it set into a plastic though. we used to use the napalm version and blow my grandpas oxygen into it so it burned under water! it was cool. oh those were the good ol days.


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Lol, so what if somebody drops a match on your "Napalm Plastic?" Will it catch you on fire or will it do nothing?

Sean Bradley

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That acetone thats used in the melting process will also eat away at mold rubber... So don't expect to fill a mold with this material... say more than once or twice.


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alignate is only good for one pull anyway, its far more useful as a life casting product.


Anyone mind posting a video of using this stuff for a simple mold? You know. Taking a brick or something, covering it, taking it out, then molding?

Because if this works, I could always cast molds of my pepakura helmet, it will destroy the original, but the newer versions will be better :).


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Funny enough...I did this in 6th grade...good times..

Well..I can vouch for that , if I can remember right , it's hard as a rock after it cures. It took a day or so to cure , but , I swear , you could drive a car over it and it would be fine.

my 2 cents.



im going to get some blue dye, then mold some plasma grenades with this.
also this works with kerosene (lamp fluid) and i think it might work with some lighter fuels.
make the mold from hot glue!!! it wont at it!! yeah!!!

soory i sound so happy but its because after a night of experimenting with this stuff i molded my toy cars with it.
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