Looking for a spartan to be the main character in a school film project (Greater Brisbane, QLD, Australia)

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Hi, I'm looking for a spartan to be an actor in a film for a student project on the 16th or 17th of April.​

The film is a 90 second music video clip for my Media class assignment, wherein you will be required to basically just do some daily tasks in your armour, including going shopping, doing chores, and doing the iconic Spiderman 3 dance in a service station. (weapon/s optional, but preferred for some shots). More information will be given via DM's if you're interested. Filming will take up to a day, and all props besides armour and weapons will be provided on the day of filming.
Note: You need to be able to drive a car.
I happen to know a happy duo of troopers who may be happy to help!
On Instagram they are:

And if you're looking for ODST's, let me know because I know a few in the area too.
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