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So I'm a maker, but I don't make anything according to anything specific. I more or less just wing my way through whatever it is I'm making. I think the only props I've made that are from anything, but not directly copied, are the Assassin's Creed hidden blade and an Onimusha Gauntlet.

Either way, I've been working on an armor for a couple years. Not related to anything, but the mask is inspired from the masks worn by Plague Doctors. Instead of curing it, however, I'm bring it. So I call it the Plague Bringer. I have created two iterations, The first one I wasn't too happy with it, but I was in a hurry. It was also the first time I ever made armor, or anything out of EVA. Six months later I made the second iteration, and I was super-happy with it, but.. as time went on I realized that the back and chest pieces I'm unhappy with once again. The curvature of the back is too much and the chest slopes straight down.. It almost looks as if the chest and back are reversed. Now I made all of this with no measurements, I never use them, and I have nothing to help me make it, like a mannequin, which is the main thing I'm looking for.

Here is a picture of my armor, it's not a full picture of me in it, as it was taken by a photographer at the last Con I went to, but it pictures what I have so far I suppose. I have since built a stand for it, which I will also link to. My asking of advice is where could I obtain a mannequin that is symmetrical and not posed? All teh ones I find are posed or have some sort of slight curve to one side. The other ones I find are symmetrical, but have no backing to them and have no way to stand up, they're only hanging types. What I want to do is take a mannequin and modify it to my measurements so that when I'm heating up EVA parts I've cut out, I can mold them directly to the shape of myself. The way I made my armor was I heat it up and looked in a mirror and just molded it the best I could to myself.. It was irritating and I don't want to do it that way.

Also looking for advice on what types of paint to use. I prime all of my EVA with plasti-dip, and a thick layer of it, then use spray paints by rustoleum to paint them the color I like. I really like the hammered texture metallic paints they have, and that's what I've been using. But after spray paints I've used dry, they see to crack if you flex the wrong way.. I also never seal the paint as I suck with using clear coats. I seem to either be too far away and end up making the metallic paint have a satin finish, or I got to close and gunk it up. Anyways, here's some pics of it..


Plague Bringer Armor (front)
Plague Bringer Armor (back)
Plague Bringer Armor (side)
Plague Bringer Armor (chest)
Plague Bringer Armor (pauldron)
Plague Bringer Armor (Upper Arm)
Plague Bringer Armor (gauntlet)
Plague Bringer Armor (waist)
Plague Bringer Armor (tasset)


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A dressmakers dummy that's adjustable or making a duct tape mummy of yourself is probably your best bet when it comes to shaping armour to be form fitting.

If you have access to an airbrush I highly recommend the Vallejo Model Air line of paints. It won't stop your cracking issue since that's just a thing you have to deal with when it comes to EVA but there's different lacquers and finishes available to keep everything looking tip-top.
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