M.c full size "for show" armor

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hey im john and im new here, i thought i would tell you guys im making a full scale M.C. armor to show off in my room, i was wondering tho, im using a cvs brand washable glue to stick it togather and i was wonderin that if wen i resin it will the resin wash off the glue???

This is my first pep project and i made sure i read all the stickys before i started.

any help would be appreciated,,,thnx,

aight thnx ima keep this thread goin tho cuz im goin to upload some progress pic later on,,, prolly tomorrow, lol, thnx again


oh and does any1 have any ideas on a master cheif size manikin type thing to put the armor on wen its done and how about the slothes or fabric that will connect the different peices of armor???

thnx silvercookie ill look into that

and one more question for anyone who wants to help,,, i used the cvs brnd glue to glue it togather,,, im only half done with the helmet,,, but in places i couldnt hold long enough for it to dry or places were it slides i used sum scotch tape over the tab to keep it in place whil the glue dries, now i prolly wont be able to get the tape off, so wen i resin it and the resin eats the tape will the "eating of the tape" affect the glue holding the thing together???

illl post sum pics tomorrow,,, errrrr later today, lol

Gluewise, You want welders glue from walmart, and bondini, from walmart. If you need pics of the glues let me know.

Now, a 7 foot tall mannequin is almost impossible to find....I should know, I had to order one... : /

You have to either get it proffessionally custom made, or make it yourself....making it yourself is cheaper, and depending on your skills. The results can be good or bad.
well here are sum prog pics

helm so far

and this is wat i mean for the tape and the glue,

will the glue hold up when the tape is being eaten or will it ruin the glue also???

and thanks for the advise darkesword2020 and yes a pic might help, thnx


crap hold on ill fix it
yea i no i just remembered that and i also remembered i already have a photobucket account for my myspace,,, 1 min


GAY*************8 when i hit browse to upload photos on any website it dont work but i will have them up today
Pics of the glue stuff will be taken and uploaded tonight.

Go to photobucket.com

Register, and then upload your picture.

And then. go to the picture itself, find the area where it says embed picture. And copy the IMG and paste it here.
ight i just had to restart me cpu ooook

prog pics

my helmet so far




and heres wat i meen with the tape and the glue about wen the resin eats the tape wether or not it will affect the glue


yay :mrgreen:
How do you hold the pieces on exactly and how do you put in the visor? Plus, i have no idea to use fiber glass and resin. Some help please?
ight to hold them on exaclty u either use a hot glue gun or superglue or welders glue and if u want a real viser u just do the same and glue it in there is a fiberglassing tut floating around here sumwere,,, check the sticky's

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