M6G Magnum - Reach - WIP

Just another quick word on the scaling as i don't think i explained very well.
So the scaling is odd because the actual prop should be massive for a spartan hand and the bullet casing at that scale would be correct,
But then when the weapon is scaled for normal human hand range the bullet is then smaller.

I'm trying to balance this so it doesn't look weird
I've been playing around with where to cut the model for a small resin bed.
I guess i will provide uncut files for large print beds and the smaller pre cut version for small resin print beds


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Hey guys, so I've been doing some test prints and adjustments, at the end of this post I have some open questions on features you can feel free to give your opinion on that would be great.
I think the best way to print the barrel is to have the join edges really cleanly printed so that it can be put together will little post processing.
As pictured shows the old orientation where the join seam is a bit too messy from supports which i want to avoid in the next test. (ignore the cut off front, the resin vat ran dry)

Also pictured i quickly tried some paint on the engraving style markings to check the depth after a few thin coats of paint.
I have ordered a cheap air brush for when I do the proper finished prop.

I have also ordered a cheap set of mixed springs and might get some magnets to see how i can incorporate features.

Current feature list-

Primary features
Smart Scope attachments - removable from the rails. Thinking magnets instead of screws. EASY
Trigger - should do something?... It at least should move and have resistance when being pulled and return to origin. Should it click? medium to hard difficulty

Mag release mechanism- MEDIUM difficulty

Slide (upper rear) - How should the slide function?- It could be held closed with a latch attached to the large rectangular pad, when released the slide could spring open to reveal the bullet. HARD
The opposite, the slide is sprung closed, and you manually pull the slide back revealing the bullet. EASIER

I do not think i can make the trigger activate a full blow back style animation and reset as that sounds incredibly complicated.



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on second thoughts with a sprung closed slide there's no easy place to put a spring, currently thinking spring open and having the rectangle lock pad be the release.
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