making a secret project

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hi guys, this has been my topic in how many months :whistle: , well as you can clearly see be the title im making a secret project , il let you guys know in due course, or i maybe il cave under pier pressure from PM's (hint). also i just went and bought a new dremel :lol: unfortunatley i missed the half-price sale so i had to pay full lolly. in the sale it was roughly $25, but i had to pay $50 (i missed the salyeby a day :mad: )the dremel only has an RPM of 16,000, so its not the best in the world, but fortunatley i have a 5year gaurantee so im going to throttle the life outta this


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Ok, well when you show your secret project you can post it, but we don't need to know about your dremel and information you rather not reveal right now.


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