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I was playing Halo:combat evolved yesterday and i wathed the marine armor, man it looks cool, but i need help in how to make an AR or a battle rifle and the helmet, here some pics:

1)But can somebody tell me how to make an AR or a battle rifle?
2)i need wood?
3)or resine?
4)and how can i make the helmet??

well those are some pretty broad questions. to answer them:
2)if you want
4)using clay, fiberglass, wood, metal, papier mâché....... anything really. you could sculpt, mold, fold, vacuum, cut and glue,.....

What I'm trying to say is this is too broad. I'd start by looking through the forums and clicking on links people have posted. if you have more specific questions let me/us know. I'm not trying to discourage you, i'm just trying to get a better understanding on what you're after.
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i mean that i need some techniques to do them, i dont even know how to sculpt the wood, but i guess im some kind of god at sculpting in clay(y really guess), about the rest o the armor, theres no problem, what worries me is the gun, i dont even have the less idea about how to make it, anyway if somebody can share some tchniques with me, thanks


if i was you i would gather as much info on the rifle (pics) study them get a toy that has the weapon in it so you can tell how big you want it..then draw it up in pieces..thats how i do it
I'm making attempts to do an ODST. I have all the soft parts (dark urban camo, great gloves, elbow pads, shoulder pads, boots, ammo cases.

I've begun molding the shin guards, the helmet might be beyond me for now.
Does somebody have nice screenshots of the marines form Halo wars????

That armor is really cool, but i dont have Really "helpful" images

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