Mark Five Armor Questions, Pepakura And So On.


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I looked at the file index at the halo costuming wiki, and downloaded the mark five armor files because I think I should start on that since it has fewer details than mark six armor. well, these files make the armor very blocky and polygonal, very much more so than in the game(even though the graphics are bad my today's standards). I'd like to know if there are any other mark five files with more detail, making the curves more rounded and so on.

If not, I'd like to know what I could do to make the pepakura look as close to the game as possible, while also keeping the range of motion of a normal person(there's a lot of polygon clipping in the game). Well, anybody?


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There are a couple of other Mk V helmets - rundown did one and so did Flying Squirl. As for the armor itself, bondo will help you get rid of the blocky look.