Mark V 2021 Marcus Lehto Version

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So my original Spartan cosplay idea was going to be full Mark V but all red. I was a beginner and didn't find any foam-friendly files for the torso at the time, and didn't have the experience to edit a normal pepakura style one. I ended up going with a Mark V helmet and a Mark VI body. Right before Halo Outpost I replaced my Mark V helmet and Andrew DFT Assault Rifle with an EVA helmet and a Brute Shot. I was just about to begin working on the CE Anniversary version of Chief when Smelms showed me that Marcus Lehto was making renders for his updated Mark V. I got the files and started my first cosplay using my own unfolds. My original plan was to make it red again. Do the cosplay that I wanted years ago. but I decided that I want to be the big green boi.


Here's most of what I have so far:
298918802_6126291937386443_4823490519651120190_n.jpg305852549_621822096287401_3116440859297473875_n.jpg 300632142_601677081608595_8963954872258148505_n (2).jpg
Here's a forearm that I made way too big, so was doing paint tests on it.
Here's the foam helmet I made that I didn't like, so then I 3D printed it.
Here's the 3D printed helmet. It's ready for paint as of today. I'll be putting LEDs in the usual spots on the sides and tiny fans behind the mouth vents.

Here's my boots. They have this 3" thick foam in them as platforms then built up 5mm foam for the rest. Between these, height increasing insoles, and padding in my helmet, I should be at about 6'5"!

I have some 3D printed details that go on the torso. These little latch things behind the neck area, the little detail areas above the shoulders, and the big electronics board looking things in the back. I have them all printed, but no pictures yet.

More to come soon. November 3rd is my absolute deadline to have this finished!

Got it finished and did my first suit up! Finished aside from LEDs at least. I'll finish up those in the morning a d they should all be lit tomorrow. It felt SO GOOD to walk around as Chief.

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The Marcus Lehto MK V has maintained the nostalgic feel so well in higher poly. Not a reimagination but a proper remaster. I mean, he made the original model.

I do find it funny that his LED housing look like a jack stand lifting point.

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super job on the armor i want to have all of the mc's armor variants for display in my man cave. but i cant wait to see the armor completed
I put a printable STL file in the 3d model index a few weeks ago. I thickened up the original model and fixed any non manifold parts.

Free 3D Model Index
Awesome. Now when people ask for an STL I can direct them there. I sliced the model apart myself into 8 very odd parts because I was in a rush. So my STL files weren't the best. But obviously still usable since I finished my helmet just fine.
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