Master Chief: the Dr. Phil of rampaging gamers

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Sean Bradley

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Just read a great new news story about the Beta and Halo 3 over at MSNBC. Well written, and covers the diverse sentiments over the beta gameplay very well.

..but it had a very funny line in it:

but the crisis was averted that evening when the "Crackdown" bug was fixed and downloads began. To read the message boards now, all is forgiven. Master Chief is truly the Dr. Phil of rampaging gamers.

Have a read, it's well worth it.
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A nice article and
In the hands of a skilled player, the crackling sword was a one-hit death machine that unbalanced a match within second
That was my favorite thing to do.

The stuff bout 2.5 and graphics is blah. People need to get a grip on this is a BETA, a TEST.... plus if your like me at the moment you probably arnt playing in high def. too.
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I read it pretty cool thank Sean for pointing it out i was a angry halo 3 beta person but not on the message boards but from what i read it sounds like there were some pissed of people
Hey I have a question; If the Master Chief is the equivalent of Doctor Phill... would that make, say Cortana, Doc Phill's wife Dr Robin? :mrgreen:
Nooo, the Prophet is Oprah.

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