Master Chief Undersuit/weapon prop

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Hey all, brand new here. I glanced at the beginner’s guidelines and I’m still not sure if I’m doing the right thing basically I’m looking to see if anyone is able to build a high-quality master chief undersuit I can wear under my armor. I would love for it to be at least halo 4 gen or newer. I know there’s prob some that just rolled their eyes, but the request is still genuine. Also looking for some MC weapon that would look good; currently have a child’s size needler and energy sword. Props are tough to come by!

Willing to compensate decently for quality work!

If this isn’t allowed, or is in the wrong place, just let me know and I’m more than happy to adjust accordingly.

Thanks all!
Welcome to the 405th cligslayer! For buying/selling Halo gear, we have the Marketplace, where you can create a listing. It'd also be super helpful to get a rough idea of your location (such as state/country), some images of what you're looking for and a budget.
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