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I'm currently working on the whole Mk V armor from Halo CE (yep, the 2001 model). I did download a ZIP file with the armor files, all in the post done by Art Andrews (Halo: Combat Evolved - MJOLNIR Mark V). However, when I already have done the helmet, shoulders, forearms and gloves, I was about to start making the chest, when I realized that the chest file in there was way too small. I tried searchieng other chest files, then I got this post (*The Official* Halo:CE Anniversary Pepakura Files Thread), in there, I found other chest file, wich was divided in 2 parts. I definitely loved that model, but when I tried to download it, the link was just dead. I also tried other files, but I realized that all the '4shared.com' links are dead. Idk how to get that model, but I really want it, so I need your help, guys!

The image below is the model I'm looking for :)

And this image, is the model that is way too small
You should be able to scale up the file in Pepakura to make it fit you better. You can only save any size changes in the paid Pepakura Designer, but even in the Free Pepakura Viewer you can change the size and scale of a file and print it, just not save the changes.
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