MJOLNIR Mark VI Gloves

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Mibz 117

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Could you make them out of cardboard and paint them to look good? Also, what could I use to make the 5 indentations without spending a long time on them trying with cardboard?

I intend to make the gloves first just to see if I have enough patience, also because the gloves seem the easiest.


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cut a square a little bigger than the top of your palm. then cut another square same shape, but a little smaller. then use a knife to poke out the holes. take the smaller one and glue it to the bigger one. Bingo. Enjoy. :mrgreen:


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That's exactly what I did! Slap on a coat or three of some fiberglass resin, spray paint, and attach to mechanic's gloves. Voila instant MJOLNIR gloves.
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