More new armor and excavator renders

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Whoa, that last helmet , next to all the reagular MC helmets, looks pretty crazy. Nice find dude. BTW wher did you find all of this????
The excavator pic has been posted here before, but those helmets are new.

Sweet, thanks for posting.

Also I'm gonna IMG them for you:



sweet... power rangers, and storm troopers in halo!!!

Ninja, Intruder, Cobra, Renegade....
I think that all the armor variations look cool... and I can't believe I missed the Excavator in Et Tu Brute! I was wondering what it was, and thought it was just a pre-rendered spiker!
Doom and I were watching the video the first few times it came out and noticed it. It actually appears quite small in the brute's hand.
Diggin the new helmets. I have to agree that the last one does look like a Trooper helmet, but it's no bid deal to me. I'm a star wars fan as well. As long as the armor's different, I'm good.

Wait, doesn't the other new helmet kind of look like the helmet that was hidden away on that GamePro cover?

Edit:Yup, that's the helmet that was covered up by the GamePro logo. Just checked the original illustration that Bungie released.
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