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Mountain Cons 2017

Discussion in 'Conventions and Prop Parties' started by Dirtdives, May 9, 2017.

  1. Dirtdives



    Name: Cheynne Con
    Date: May 12-14
    Location: Cheyenne, WY
    Events: Guests, Artists, Celebrities, Vendors, Cosplay and Cosplay Contest, Panels.

    Name: MisCon

    Date: May 26-29
    Location: Missoula, MT
    Events: Speakers, Art Show, Costuming, Cosplay and Cosplay Contest, Film Festival, Gaming, Writer's Workshop, Vendors and Merchants.


    Name: AmazingCon
    Date: June 23-25
    Location: Las Vegas, NV
    Events: Guest Artists, Media Guests, Artists Alley, Exhibitors, Panels, Cosplay and Cosplay Contests

    Name: Denver Comic Con
    Date: June 30-July 2
    Location: Denver, CO
    Events: Panels, Workshops, Cosplay and Cosplay Contest, Group Wedding, Pop Culture, Artists Alley, Celebrities, Authors, Vendors, Guests.
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