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This is my AR in it's early stages-



and this is my CQB helmet without the visor-



that shiny stuff is reflective coating my dad put on there. pshh... :rolleyes

i guess the helmet belongs in cardboard armor but i dont want to clutter up the forums with another topic.
First thing, kool CQB, you should use it to make a mold, and second, if the main focus of this thread is your AR it should have been posted in the weapons and props board.
thanks guys! im not sure i have the funds, nor the patience to mold anything. plus, my AR needs to worked on a little more.

and yes im going to put a nice visor in, i get em cheap too!

$10 is what my visor is gonna cost. haha
Mark it and cut it down if too large. If too small do what I do and improvise. Take some cardboard to fill in the gap from the bottom up and paint it a shiny gold and use that.
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