my armor(updated!!)

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shadowspartan117 said:
im not a redneck... funny though

i knoe that but he looks like a red neck coz he aint got moost of the armour cut sum rips in to the shirt and hold a bottle of rum, that b awsome!
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very nice. i live in the south, so dont get all up im meh grillz. jk jk jk, any way just found this site and am abouts to get up and use the rest of my summer to do this pepakura armor to b ready 4 9/25. oh yea. Local Play N Trade. u do the math. midnight sale.

:typing: better start tommarow. btw, this is like the greatest site ever.

Edit: question. what does the fiberglassing part consist of? do you paint it on and dry and sand it the paint it? or is it like paper mache? or somthing?
Awesome Looking Armor there Shadow, the folds look clean and all seems to be good. Mind sharing what glue you use and any other tips you have for the others wanting to build some of their own? ;-)


just use a ruler and pen to do the folds..
for the glue , i use most gel superglues.
they give you enough time ti allign it right and it doesnt come apart
looks very nice so far, i am glad to see that your chest piece is proportionate, did u have to resize it at all or did u luck out and have it fit when it was initally scaled.

Keep up the good work
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