my armor

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so after 2-3 tries i finished my torso piece but a seems a bit too big, i think im going to cut some parts and try to make it fit better and if it doesnt work out im going to build a new one
this is flying_squirls pep model btw
Hey, nice to see some progress from you again.
Was wondering where you ran off to ;)

Looking good so far. Keep on 'truckin!
It looks like a pretty good size to me, remember it will look smaller once you add colour and a black undersuit, also the added width of the biceps will help the over all silhouette a lot, if you make it smaller, when you're in full armour you might look like a bobble head.
Maybe you can help me scale my armor. How tall are you and what did you scale that too? I might go a little less.

Great work. Keep it up and finish the entire suit. It'll look great.
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