My first Halo suit ever.


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Hello everyone, first of all I would like to thank you for the great welcome to this community.
This is my first costume in the Halo field, and the one I want to put the most effort into. My idea is the following:

-Since I have been part of the Halo community, I have always been interested in Reach's Mark.V(B) Armor, but I would like to modernize it a little in the style of the armor commemorating Noble Team in Halo 5. So:

-The base would be a bit like what you see in the photos, obviously with more details (Fallout 4 doesn't give more than that on my Xbox). The thighs would be changed for the Vigilant from Halo 5, as would the boots; and the most difficult part would be the chest part, since there are no templates for the specific chest, we will have to improvise a little to do something like in the last photo. The helmet I don't know very well what it would be , but I'm opting for Jerome's Mark.V helmet and for the Reach Operator helmet.

-Since I don't have the materials yet and since this is my first time with this type of project, I am open to ideas or advice. I also plan to put lighting both continuously on the armor and on the helmet to activate it at will. Any comments about the idea are accepted.

-In advance, thanks for the help and advice Spartans. Have a nice day :)
Visor 3D 28_02_2024 0_13_46.png

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