Props My M6G WIP


Introducing my M6G here. Keep in mind this is still a work in progress. It need some detailing, reinforcing, and paint later on. Still have to make a magazine and find a laser pointer to put in the top thing.

First Person View:

A pistol like this will be my next project, i intend to make it out of cardboard, as are all my other weapons... Except me smgs, they're wood :p


Thanks for the comments guys. I'm still thinking about how I could reinforce this and detail it further. I can't use fiberglass and resin because I don't have space and I'm too young to use these kinds of materials. Any ideas? I thought I could use paper mache, but I've used it before and it only retains a certain amount of detail.

Here's the measurements, if other's want to use them. It's a pretty good size, not too far off from the actual size.

Length: 24 cm

Height (empty): 16.5 cm

Height (loaded): 19 cm

Width: 5 cm