My new armor

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Hi every one. I started a new cardboard set cause my old one didnt hav any datails at all. So not it has layers and some detail. I have just pieces i need to hot glue. I got the chest front done. Waiting for more cardboard to do back. And got almost all of the lower arms. I will put some pics of my work sometime this week.
tipper said:
Pictures please? o_O

I will get some this week. Unless you want pieces of cardboard shapes on the ground. I got a lower legs and arms done except for glue. The back is my biggest flaw.I will make it better. I am trying to take mt time instead of rush.
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isnt it a rule that to start threads that you need pics? i recall this from about a half a year ago when i did this same thing and i got a reply from Adam. :cautious:
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